Friday, February 14, 2020

2/8/2020 - The Troubadour

West Hollywood, CA

Set 1
01. Intro
02. Too Long
03. Somethin For Ya >
04. Yo Soy Fiesta
05. Poseidon
06. Oh Loretta*
07. Melting Lights >
08. King Kong > War Pigs > King Kong
09. Lowdown
10. Dawn a New Day

Set 2
01. Intro Diddy Jam >
02. Walk Outside
03. Audience Request Banter
04. Havana** >
05. Ghostbusters
06. Kiwi
07. Fortress
08. Schwanthem
09. Encore Break
10. Distant Times

Tour: Presto Winter Tour 2020
Opening Act(s): Goose
*w/ Angus Leslie (Sex On Toast) on vocals & guitar
**Audience request chosen by 11yr old Jonah

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2/7/2020 - The Troubadour

West Hollywood, CA

Set 1
01. Intro
02. Whoopie
03. Porcupine
04. Henrietta
05. Around The World*
06. Sail On
07. The Liquid
08. Water
09. Julia

Set 2
01. Intro > Penguins >
02. Funkijam >
03. Upfunk > Drums > Upfunk
04. Horizon >
05. Offshoot
06. Landing >
07. Funky House
08. Sunny Day
09. Encore Break
10. Ocean Flows

Tour: Presto Winter Tour 2020
Opening Act(s): Goose
*Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Saturday, February 8, 2020

2/2/2020 - Marquee Theatre

Tempe, Az

1.Arizona Cactus Song
3.Live It Up
4.Sail On
5.Funk E
6.melting Lights
7.Lost In Line
10.Slipjack(Painted Black)
11.Horizon 12.Condenser
13.Dawn A New Day

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Friday, December 6, 2019

11/23/2019 - Last Concert Cafe

Houston, TX

Set 1: Time to Ride, Fortress, Melting Lights, Live It Up, Kiwi, Skipjack> Elenor Rigby> Skipjack, Doc

Set 2: Havana, Somethin For Ya, Henrietta, King Kong, Poseidon, Water, Ocean Flows

Encore: Jam> Zydeko> Somewhere Over the Rainbow> Zydeko

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11/22/2019 - Emo's

Austin, TX

Set 1: Whoopie, Porcupine, Bad For You, Julia, Live Life> The Liquid, Couldn't We All

Set 2: High As Five, Burning Up My Time> Kashmir> Burning Up My Time, Whirled, Horizon, Dawn A New Day, Avalanche

Encore: Lowdown, Schwanthem

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11/21/2019 - The Granada Theater


Set 1: Too Long> The Imperial March> Too Long, Walk Outside, Yo Soy Fiesta, Distant Times> Girlfriend is Better> Distant Times, Sail On, Spacejam> The Hop> F.U.

Set 2: Upfunk, Fade Fast, Sunny Day, Funk E Zekiel> Penguins> Funkijam> Groove Is In the Heart> Funk E Zekiel

Encore: Fun in Funk

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11/14/2019 - Bourbon Theatre

Lincoln, NE

Set 1: Whoopie, Somethin For Ya > Porcupine, Fox and Toad, Pigs (Three Different Ones) > Offshoot, Julia

Set 2: Water, Dawn A New Day, Snake Eyes, Horizon > Pop Off, Ocean Flows

Encore: Doc

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11/10/2019 - Wooly's

Des Moines, IA

Set 1: Poseidon, Havana, Around The World> Distant Times, Landing> Upfunk> Jam> Fortress, Fun in Funk

Set 2: Henrietta> Whirled> Horizon1> Eyes of the World> Horizon, King Kong, Zydeko> Chariots of Fire> Zydeko

Encore: Avalanche

1- w/ rubber ducks

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11/9/2019 - Slyvee

Madison, Wi

I: Porcupine, Penguins > Funkijam > Bad For You, Julia, Skipjack, While My Guitar Gently Weeps > CWA > The Liquid

II: Burning Up My Time > X-Files > The Hop > F.U., Sail On, Somethin’ For Ya > Lightning > Say Cheese > Lightning, Dawn A New Day

E: Schwanthem

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